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  • February 15th is the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar. In order to carry forward the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Dongguan factory of Ta Yang Group provides free dumplings for all employees.

  • Government Leaders of Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City visited Ta Yang Group’s Dongguan factory.

  • Representatives from a well-known Japanese company visited Ta Yang Group

  • Recently, a well-known company RJ customer representative visited the Group's Dongguan factory to negotiate business and new project development with our company, and conducted in-depth discussions and communication on the next work development plan.

  • In order to enrich the spare time of the employees, give full play to their teamwork spirit, and enhance the company's cohesion and collective pride, the Dongguan factory of Ta Yang Grou successfully held the "2021 Dayang Basketball League" from June

  • Mayor from Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City visited Ta Yang Group Dongguan factory.

  • Japanese well known branding KCO designer and visited Tayang Factory in Dongguan for in-depth communication to the new product design and development.

  • Faced with the rise of the new crown epidemic in the surrounding areas, Tayang Group's Dongguan plant promptly launched an epidemic prevention and control plan to strengthen publicity and guidance for employees on epidemic prevention and control. Arr

  • Recently, a customer of a well-known company Cosmo visited the Dongguan factory to discuss new product business matters with our company. The two parties had a pleasant communication and exchanges, and discussed the next work plan for new project...

  • Engineering and technical personnel from well-known brand customers visited Tayang Group's Dongguan factory to communicate with our business and engineering and technical teams to discuss new product matters. The International branding customer an

  • The automation service company visit to our Dongguan factory with respect to the automation and production solution with our management and related production teams.

  • With respect to improve the productivity, molding accuracy and manufacturing cost on our molding center, Ta Yang Group decided to upgrade on technique and processing. We are planning to lead in graphite instead of copper in the production processing

  • In order to improve the productivity, cost and benefit management, Ta Yang Group approaching to the best tier technique company to optimize on our production processing and the suitable solution to our manufacturing. The bord of management will eval

  • In order to fully utilized mold processing center and manufacturing capabilities, improve the company's mold production level and reduce manufacturing costs,

  • With the increasing popularity of smart wearable devices, TWS,smart watches, smart bracelets and other wearable devices has led a consumption climax. Apart from traditional headset and watch companies expanding their business, lots of cell phone ...

  • 1 Overview The preparation of silicone rubber foam material is mainly obtained by adding appropriate foaming agent to the mixed silicone rubber, foaming and vulcanizing by heating. The key to the preparation of silicone rubber foaming materials ...

  • Silicone rubber materials are extremely inert to living biological tissues. Therefore, the types of medical equipment made of silicone rubber materials are increasing, and the fields of application are becoming more and more extensive, and the ...

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